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We love a good review

Check out what some critics have to say about some of the shows I've had the pleasure to choreograph.

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Review: “Urinetown” is a royal flush in performance, wit and timeliness

"Two of Cladwell’s soldiers, lieutenants Lockstock and (ahem) Barrel, suddenly begin to sing and dance exuberantly to “Cop Song” in the showy style of “Money” from Cabaret. It’s one chance of many for choreographer Precious West to showcase profoundly inventive, versatile and brilliant choreography skills. Just when you thought it might be veering off into saccharine and sentimental territory, it sticks its awesomely bitter landing. Urinetown is an absolute misanthropic delight, from first trickle to final flush."

- Alexis Hauk, ArtsATL 

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Actor’s Express’ splashy ‘Urinetown’ dazzles at Oglethorpe

"Which brings us to a final, ultimate commendation for choreographer Precious West, whose disciplined moves here, simply put, rate among the most thoroughly imaginative and impressively wide-ranging demonstrations we’ve had the sheer pleasure to enjoy in a very long time."

- Bert Osbourne, AJC

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Arts ATL

Review: Set in Atlanta, raucous rock musical “Hedwig” deserves our applause

"The physical feat of playing Hedwig is also impressive. Carleo’s voice has a wonderful range, and they do remarkable work in heels performing Precious West’s choreography and navigating quick costume changes."

- Benjamin Carr, Arts ATL

Arts ATL

Review: Softer side of “Heathers” gets play in Actor’s Express-Oglethorpe musical

"Still, under the direction of Freddie Ashley and choreography of Precious West, there were also striking visual moments. A favorite was the smoke-filled, cartoonishly reverent entrance of “the Heathers” flanked by a row of orange cafeteria trays raised in salute."

- Alex Hauk, Arts ATL

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